This Is Salts-This Is Freebase



Volume = 60ML
VG = 50 / PG = 50
Available in 6 Flavours


This Is Salts-This Is Freebase

Original Bobba 
The original flavor of bubble teas which has the caramel and brown sugar as the main ingredients.
Apam Balik
Every mouthful taken is filled with a nostalgic burst of flavor, full of peanut and butter aroma.
Sirap Bandung 
The perfect combination of milk and rose syrup which will definitely amaze your taste bud!
Melon Lychee 
The combination of juicy watermelon and sweet lychee gives you the perfect drinks in the summer!
Grape Lemonade 
This perfect blend of the sweet, tangy taste of grape with the freshly ripen lemon makes the perfect flavor for you!
Fresh Mango 
The freshly pluck mango that gives you the perfect sensation of sweetness!

Apam Balik, Fresh Mango, Grape Lemonade, Melon Lychee, Original Bobba, Sirap Bandung


6MG, 12MG


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