This Is Salts HTPC – Smoothie Series



Volume = 30ML
VG = 50 / PG = 50
Available in 5 Flavours

This Is Salts HTPC – Smoothie Series

Fresh Mango :
The freshly pluck mangoes that gives you the perfect sensation of sweetness!

Tropical Orange :
The natural taste of sweet and a little of sour of the oranges gives you have a different experience in vaping!

Melon Lychee :
The combination of juicy watermelon and sweet lychee gives you the perfect drinks in the summer!

Pink Lemonade :
The juicy lemonade with a few slices of ripen strawberry that give you another level of sweetness!

Grape Lemonade :
This perfect blend of the sweet, tangy taste of grape with the freshly ripen lemon makes the perfect flavor for you


Fresh Mango, Grape Lemonade, Tropical Orange, Melon Lychee, Pink Lemonade


15MG, 18MG, 22MG


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