This is Salts 30ML TBC Series



Volume = 30ML
VG = 50 / PG = 50
Available in 5 Flavors

This is Salts 30ML TBC Series
Classic TBC :
Our tbc are most like a fresh pipe tbc, you can be sure that you are going to get the absolute best flavor from this time-tested favorite!

Vanilla TBC
The most elegant vanilla tbc on the market. It screams with an explosion of sweet vanilla that goes on and on with the best toasted tbc!

Hazelnut TBC :

Elegant tbc with roasted hazelnuts and a touch of premium tbc rounds out this aromatic masterpiece.

Sweet TBC :

Invites you to sample the bold strength of hearty tbc in each and every puff. But this tbc flavor promises a unique twist, with just a touch of sweet caramel to soften the boldness of the tbc.

Menthol TBC :

A rich tbc flavor combined with a subtle hint of menthol for a best of both worlds experience.

Hazelnut Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, Sweet Tobacco, Vanilla Tobacco, Classic Tobacco


35MG, 50MG


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