THIS IS 1000



This is 1000 Disposable Pod

Volume : 3.5 ML

1000 Puff


THIS IS 1000 Disposable Pod 1000 Puffs

It’s a closed, compact e-cigarette with a non-refillable e-juice tank and a fully charged battery. Comes with 1000 Puffs, just so convenient to use, portable and delicious when up to 10 varieties of flavors that will amaze you.

Grape-flavored vape juices are sweet and subtle, rich, sweet, and tart flavor making them ideal all-day vapes. Grape Flavor is a flavor that can be used in a variety of vape e-liquids with delicious grape flavored E- liquid exhales grapes taste that you will never get bored of.

Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream is a juicy ripe strawberry combined with a dollop of rich vanilla ice cream, which includes all of our vape juice options with the delectable flavor of strawberries. Its rich with the variety of flavors with with the combination of Strawberry and ice cream.  It gives you taste the flavor indulge in a creamy vanilla ice cream, loaded with fresh sweet strawberries!

We chose the mildly sweet and satisfyingly sour taste of a not-quite-ripe guava as our tropical flavor. It gives you a perfect balanced of smooth and sweet of Pink guava flavor!

Blueberries are a traditional treat known for their distinct flavor, as well as their notable sweetness and tart aftertaste. It gives you a natural taste of the fresh blueberry!

Best served fresh, lychee is known for its sweet and mysterious flavor. It’s giving you a taste sour and sweetness with the mysterious flavor that brings you a cross between a sweet berry, a mellow pear, and a zesty grape.

Our Watermelon vape juice does not disappoint, with its refreshing, mouthwatering flavor. It gives you the tangy taste of watermelon along with the freshness of the sweet watermelon flavor

Red Bull
No one has been able to agree on a specific flavor, though suggestions range from liquid sweet tarts to cough syrup with added sugar. It gives you a taste just like an energy drink!

Watermelon Strawberry
It’s just not disappointed with the taste watermelon and strawberry because refreshing, mouthwatering flavor with the taste sour and sweet in your.
Sweet Sour Pineapple
Its taste sweet and sour with the combination of the fruity flavor that sour pineapple taste with a hint of sweetness paired with a mild coldness to it which makes it even more refreshing.


Yakult Original
Yakult Original has a thin consistency in the mouth, almost like water, and a sweet with a slightly fruity flavor depending on the flavor.
The addition of sweeteners and the souring of the milk transforms it into a commercially edible flavor.

Grape, Strawberry Ice Cream, Guava, Blueberry, Lychee, Watermelon, Red Bull, Watermelon Strawberry, Sweet Sour Pineapple, Yakult Original


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