WHAT IS CLOSED POD (long size)

What is a Close Pod System?

What is a Close Pod System?

A close pod system is a user-friendly vaping device that offers a convenient and hassle-free experience. Unlike some other vaping devices where you have to manually fill the e-liquid, a closed pod system comes with pre-filled cartridges. These cartridges are already loaded with the e-liquid, which comes in various flavours.

With a closed pod system, you don’t need to worry about buying separate e-liquids or refilling the device yourself. You simply insert a prefilled cartridge into the device, and you are good to go. This makes it a great option for anyone who prefers a simpler and more hassle-free way to vape.

What is the difference between an open

and close pod system?

What is the difference between open and close pod system?

Open Pod System:

  • Refillable with a variety of e-liquids.

  • Customizable airflow and wattage.

  • Replaceable coils.

  • More initial investment, cost-effective long-term.

Closed Pod System:

  • Pre-filled pods with limited flavour options.

  • Convenient, no refilling required.

  • Simple, user-friendly design.

  • Limited customization.

The difference lies in customization and convenience. Open systems offer flexibility with e-liquids and settings, while closed systems focus on simplicity with pre-filled pods.

How long can INFY 6000 and INFY

Cartridge last?

How long can INFY 6000 Disposable Pod and INFY Cartridge last?

The duration of use depends on the frequency of usage. An INFY Disposable Pod, which provides 6000 puffs, could remain functional for an average period of 2 to 4 weeks. Meanwhile an INFY Cartridge which contains 2ml can last up to 3 days.

Where to buy?

Where to buy?

INFY, by This Is Salts products are available in Malaysia for online purchase and in stores purchase, where you can explore our diverse range of products on our official website and in convenience and retail stores

INFY Pod Malaysia review

INFY Pod Malaysia Review

INFY Pod vs Others

INFY Pod vs Others

When comparing the INFY Pod to its competitors, the INFY pod stands out as a formidable choice. With 19 colours options, ceramic coil heating for strong vapour production, fast type-C charging, an arrow breathing indicator light, and a solid build quality, it offers a personalised, efficient, and user-friendly vaping experience. Backed by a reputable brand known for support, it’s a top choice for those seeking innovation and reliability.

Does INFY have cartridges?

Does INFY have cartridges?

INFY POD FLAVOURS  / INFY Cartridge a revolutionary 2ml e-liquid reservoir designed to elevate your vaping experience to new heights. With a wide selection of 26 meticulously crafted flavours. INFY cartridge ensures an unmatched level of convenience and flavours. Seamlessly compatible with our cutting-edge INFY Close Pod system to open up a world of vaping possibilities.