This Is Salts INFY Close Pod



INFY Close Pod System
Available in 19 colours
Ceramic coil heating technology with strong power output
Type-C fast charging technology
Metallic color painting
Arrow type breathing indicator light


This Is Salts INFY Close Pod

INFY Close Pod Systems are the fastest ones to get up with pods come sealed and prefilled with ejuices so easy to snap directly into a device. Toss them out when Cartridge running out of ejuices and change in a new one. But other than that , you’re good to start vaping on.

Purple Moon

INFY Close Pod Purple Moon: A deep and mysterious hue that exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for those seeking a touch of mystique.

Ruby Red

INFY Close Pod Ruby Red: Fiery and passionate, this color option adds a bold statement to your vaping experience.

Champagne Gold

INFY Close Pod Champagne Gold: Luxurious and refined, this shade offers a touch of opulence for the discerning vaper.

Peach Pink

INFY Close Pod Peach Pink: Soft and delicate, this color embodies warmth and femininity, appealing to those with a gentle nature.

Jade Pink

INFY Close Pod Jade Pink: A unique blend of soothing green and soft pink, offering a harmonious and calming presence.

Royal Silver

INFY Close Pod Royal Silver: Classic and timeless, this silver option exudes a sense of prestige and modernity.

Pearl White

INFY Close Pod Pearl White: Pure and pristine, this color choice signifies simplicity and purity.

Premium Black

INFY Close Pod Premium Black: Sleek and sophisticated, black is a timeless choice that adds an air of elegance to any occasion.

Ocean Blue

INFY Close Pod Ocean Blue: As refreshing as the sea, this vibrant blue option brings a sense of tranquility to your vaping moments.

Aster Purple

INFY Close Pod Aster Purple: A captivating shade that combines blue and purple tones, adding a touch of allure and creativity.

Floss Pink

INFY Close Pod Floss Pink: Fun and youthful, this lively pink shade is perfect for the free-spirited vapers out there.

Moss Green

INFY Close Pod Moss Green: Inspired by nature, this earthy green color offers a sense of grounding and harmony.

Mimosa Yellow

INFY Close Pod Mimosa Yellow: Bright and sunny, this option brings joy and positivity to your vaping experience.

Frost Blue

INFY Close Pod Frost Blue: Icy and cool, this shade evokes a sense of calm and composure.

Ivory Pink

INFY Close Pod Ivory Pink: A soft and sophisticated blend of ivory and pink, exuding elegance and subtlety.

Emerald Green

INFY Close Pod Emerald Green: Rich and vibrant, this green option symbolizes growth and renewal.

Blue Violet

INFY Close Pod Blue Violet: A captivating blend of blue and purple, adding a touch of mystery and allure.

Lime Green

INFY Close Pod Lime Green: Zesty and energetic, this lively color choice brings a burst of freshness to your vaping moments.

Flame Yellow

INFY Close Pod Flame Yellow: Bold and striking, this fiery hue stands out with its confident and assertive presence.

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 12 cm

Purple Moon, Ruby Red, Champagne Gold, Peach Pink, Jade Pink, Royal Silver, Pearl White, Premium Black, Ocean Blue, Aster Purple, Floss Pink, Moss Green, Mimosa Yellow, Frost Blue, Ivory Pink, Emerald Green, Blue Violet, Lime Green, Flame Yellow


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