This Is Salts HTPC – Pasar Malam Series



Volume = 30ML
VG = 50 / PG = 50
Available in 5 Flavours

This Is Salts- HTPC – Pasar Malam Series

Apam Balik 
Every mouthful taken is filled with a nostalgic burst of flavor, full of peanut and butter aroma.

Kuih Keria Gula Melaka 
The flavor tastes like the delightful local mini doughnuts that made out of sweet potato and frosted with gula Melaka.

Strawberry Bomboloni 
Irresistibly light and delicious Italian doughnuts that are coated with granulated sugar, and stuffed with strawberry filling.

Pisang Goreng Cheese 
This flavor tastes like sweet and crispy banana that is battered, deep fried and then sprinkled with cheese and sugar.

Kaya Butter Waffle 
The ubiquitous flavor is a heavenly combination of crispy waffle, aroma of kaya and toothsome pats of butter!



Apam Balik, Kuih Keria Gula Melaka, Strawberry Bomboloni, Pisang Goreng Cheese, Kaya Butter Waffle


15MG, 18MG, 22MG


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