THIS IS 1500



Mesh Coil

1500 Puffs Disposable Pod

Volume : 5ML

Battery Capacity : 850mAh


THIS IS 1500 Disposable Pod 1500 Puffs

It’s a mesh coil, compact e-cigarette with a non-refillable e-juice tank and a fully charged battery. THIS IS 1500 serve you multiple flavor and explore your desired with our great kind of flavor

Banana Bubblegum 
A refreshing banana on the inhale and smooth bubblegum on the exhale!


It tastes like a fresh juice bursting with fresh black-currant berries!


Bursting with juicy, sweet and tangy notes that last, this flavor really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Grape Apple 

The sweet and juicy taste of fresh apples mixed with grapes makes this one of the best selling flavors from the lineup!

Mango Lychee 

A exotic flavor of freshly sliced mangoes mixed with tropical lychees bursting with juice for the perfect fruit flavor!

Mango Peach 

A well balanced twist of rich mangoes and peaches to create this complex mix fruity flavor!

Sour Apple 

This flavor uplift your taste buds with the crisp, sweet and tangy taste of green apple!

Strawberry Ice 

Juicy strawberry flavor mixed with cooling Ice give you the perfect vaping experience!

Strawberry Lychee

A delicious pairing of fresh, ripe strawberries blended with exotic, luscious lychee fruit!


Bursting with refreshing, mouth-watering flavor, our watermelon flavor definitely does not disappoint you!

Buttercream Milk

Dairy milk with butter cream icing smothered on top for every creamy lover out there!

Strawberry Ice Cream
It gives you taste the flavor indulge in a creamy vanilla ice cream, loaded with fresh sweet strawberries!

Grape Bubblegum 

It gives you the tangy taste of grape along with the freshness of the sweet bubblegum flavor!

Mango Milk 

This flavor captures the decadent essence of fresh mango accented by a sweet exhale, then blended into a delicious base of milk!

Energy Bull 

It gives you a taste just like an energy drink!

Taro Yam Cheese 

Taro yam blended with sweet, condensed cheese for a mouth watering sweet finish.

Root Beer 

The absolute best root beer flavor that you’ll ever tasted!! Our Root beer taste just like the actual drinks!

Watermelon Strawberry 

This flavor drafts the perfect team of sweet strawberry and juicy watermelon to create the best experience for the vapers!

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