INFY Cartridge



Available in 26 Flavours

Compatible with This is Salts INFY Device

2ML Capacity

INFY Cartridge

You can play along with different kind of flavor by just replacing the prefilled pods cartridge. Each of our 26 flavors comes with a fruity series and a drink series that you will make your heart melt.

Kyoho Grape

INFY Cartridge Kyoho Grape presents a heavenly burst of grape goodness that leaves you craving for more.

Grape Jelly
INFY Cartridge Grape Jelly presents a delightful blend of sweet and juicy grapes that will melt in your mouth.

Yoyo Grape
INFY Cartridge Yoyo Grape presents a playful mix of sweet and tangy flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

Energy Bull
INFY Cartridge Energy Bull presents an energizing vape juice capturing the invigorating essence of an energy drink.

INFY Cartridge Blueberries presents the true essence of freshly picked blueberries, a delightful burst of natural sweetness.

Mixed Berries
INFY Cartridge Mixed Berries presents a tantalizing blend of blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, creating a symphony of flavors on your taste buds.

INFY Cartridge Mint presents a refreshing menthol sensation, specially crafted for cold lovers.

Mung Bean
INFY Cartridge Mung Bean presents the unique and creamy taste, a delightful green bean soup flavor finished with a touch of icy sweetness.

Long Jing Tea

INFY Cartridge Long Jing Tea presents a toasty smoothness with a delicate blend featuring nutty notes and a hint of coldness.

Tropical Mixed Fruits
INFY Cartridge Tropical Mixed Fruits presents a chaotic explosion of berries and citrus in Tropical Mixed Fruits, taking you on a tropical journey.

INFY Cartridge Mango presents a sweet and tangy flavor, transporting you to a mini vacation for a refreshing experience.

INFY Cartridge Pineapple presents a tropical taste of refreshing fruits, allowing you to escape to your favorite island getaway.


INFY Cartridge Peach presents the fuzzy delight of the fruit with a hint of mint, delivering a perfect balance of sweetness and freshness.

Orange Soda

INFY Cartridge Orange Soda presents a vape juice capturing the sweet and bold flavor of your favorite fizzy drink.

Red Wine
INFY Cartridge Red Wine presents the sophisticated taste, evoking hints of cherries, plums, licorice, and earth for a fine wine experience.

INFY Cartridge Coke presents the refreshing and crisp cola flavor of your classic favorite that never disappoints.

INFY Cartridge Lychee presents the sweet and mysterious flavor of a tropical fruit known for its unique and exotic taste.

INFY Cartridge Watermelon presents a cool and refreshing inhale followed by the developed sweetness with a hint of lingering mint.


INFY Cartridge Strawberries presents juicy, ripe Strawberries, delivering a burst of tropical flavor for a delightful treat.

Taro Ice Cream

INFY Cartridge Taro Ice Cream presents the creamy taste and refreshing option for those hot summer days.

Nen Nen Milk

INFY Cartridge Nen Nen Milk presents the best milky flavor, offering a smooth and comforting vape juice.

Strawberry Ice Cream

INFY Cartridge Strawberry Ice Cream presents the taste of pure strawberries bursting in your mouth, sweetened with a hint of ice cream for an unforgettable vaping experience.

Yogurt Drink

INFY Cartridge Yogurt Drink presents a delectable, creamy and refreshing option for all yogurt lovers.

Strawberry Guava

INFY Cartridge Strawberry Guava presents the perfect combination of sweet Strawberry and smooth Guava, delivering a delightful variety of fruit flavors.

Lime Vanilla Ice Cream

INFY Cartridge Lime Ice Cream presents a perfect blend of vanilla ice cream and tangy lime fruit, creating the perfect treat.

Mineral Water

INFY Cartridge Mineral Water presents the purity and refreshing option for those seeking a hydrating vaping experience, capturing the refreshing essence of mint and zest.


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